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thy kingdom come – thy not my

May 12, 2018

day three of thy kingdom come global prayer. We have thought about what we pray for – for a kingdom where people are freed, renewed, healed, restored. We have thought about whose Kingdom we are asking for – Father God, full of compassion and always ready to embrace us, restore us, and give us his outrageous grace.

When we pray thy kingdom come, we are putting ourselves under the authority of a different King. This means that all our agendas have to submit to his plans and his agenda. The classic example of this is when Jesus prays in the garden “Not my will but yours be done”, he had to abandon his hopes and plans – that there would be another way than the cross. In praying this prayer we also have to abandon our plans.

That sounds simple of course, we abandon the folly and futility of sin for something better – but this is not always the most difficult abandonment. As humans we love to “justify ourselves”, we find it easy and natural to see others as less worthy; many times we will take our rights and hurts to God and ask him to sort out people who have hurt us, or people who we judge as needing God to help them repent. It is easy – but this simple prayer asks us to lay down our rights and our precious little wrongs.

Please don’t hear what I am not saying; there are times to stand to justice, times to pick a fight – but the bible is very clear when it tells us that our battle is not with “flesh and blood” (other people), it is with the spiritual powers and principalities.

So as we so in the last blog, we are called to pray for restoration, for freedom, for healing, for blessing – never that we will be proved right.

just a few lines later in the Lords prayer we pray forgive us… as we forgive. It is a powerful prayer! As we pray “thy kingdom come” we are praying that God would show the same mercy and forgiveness to those we have issues with – as he does to us.

As you pray “thy Kingdom come” today, who do you need to forgive? What hurts do you need to let go of?

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