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no extra tunic. Missional marks #5

June 28, 2017

The final thing in the list of things not to take with us into mission that Jesus gives his followers in Luke 9 is an extra cloak. We have seen how each of the things on the list; staff, bag, bread, money and cloak points us towards our stance or posture in going to people with the good news of the Kingdom of God.

The cloak provides warmth and shelter, and as this is so basic we need to have one, yet Jesus tells us that we don’t need a spare. This points us towards living for justice, or sharing what we have extra to meet the needs of those who simply do not have enough.

At the heart of this value is a profound simplicity, we are to live our lives with gratitude that God gives us enough – and resist the temptation to want anything more that enough. If we are able to limit ourselves to enough we are also freed from worry about looking after our possessions.

So these five values underpin our attitude to mission, we need to have a vulnerable honesty, live generous and hospitable lives, embrace relationships rather than exchange and simplicity.

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