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Why I love my fitbit?

September 2, 2016

My kids have realised that I am moderately overweight and moderately unfit so they kindly bought me a fitbit.  I love it! It tells me how well (or badly) I am doing in my exercise regime, well walking to work actually – as that is the only exercise I do! It rewards me with praise, reminds me when I need to get active, and is totally honest with me.

With all the encouragement I get from my fitbit, I can just walk a little further, or a little quicker, or a liitle more often.

… then I remembered why I started walking to work, and realised that, much as I love my fitbit, I have to remember that there are other important things.

So, for the record, there are four reasons why I work to work and they are here in reverse order –

Four. I am moderately overwieght, and moderately unfit so I need to keep active to be healthy!

Three. It saves a whole heap of money, driving the couple of miles across town not only uses gallons of petrol over time,which costs pennies – but not running a second car in our family saves us hundreds of pounds each year.

Two: Choosing not to drive also helps to keep Dundee as a great city, it may only be a tiny action but it saves congestion in the city, and reduces the greenhouse gases which are so bad for the climate, the earth and all of us who live on it!

One: The absolutely most important reason for walking to work is that it both slows me down, and connects me to where I now live. The journey may take three times longer, but in that time I have time to think and pray (rather than get frustrated at the other drivers), I have time to look and notice what is happening in the community I live in – where people gather to talk, where rubbish gets dumped, I get to notice people who are out and about the same time as me – which is slowly setting me up with opportunities to acknowledge people (like the guys who pick up litter outside the shops each morning, and who pretty much no-one talks to) to talk and listen and so on!

So I love my fitbit, thanks guys! But more than that I love this city that I have been called to live in and have chosen to make my home.



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