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totally loved!

August 10, 2012

There was this guy who was born to be a King. In time that’s what he was, but like many kings palaces (even today) there was a fair amount of plotting going on behind the scenes! This guy had older half brothers so he shouldn’t ever have got to be king – except that he was his fathers favourite. No – actually he was the son of his fathers favourite wife!

His name was Solomon, and some people say he was the greatest King who has ever lived. But here’s the thing… God’s name for him was Jedidah (which means “loved by God”) now that is a pretty cool name – but over the last few days I have been wondering whether Solomon needed to know that God loved him, just because he didn’t know that his father loved him- (or whether his father loved his older brother who died almost at birth). Whether he needed to know that God loved him simply because he was sure his half brothers hated him.

Sometimes, we need to be sure. For Solomon having a special name from God was the proof, for others there are other ways to know that unshakable commitment. As Solomon grew up he would have had his meals in the palace banquets – and at every meal there was a guy there, a crippled guy in the equivalent of a wheelchair. A guy who would have looked so out of place in those non PC times. And every time Solomon ate he would be reminded that his dad, King David had entered into an agreement (a covenant) with the previous Kings son (Jonathan). That agreement was so binding that King David searched the kingdom with a toothcomb to find someone of Jonathans family to show his kindness too, and the person he found was our cripple, Mephosheth. The story uses a hebrew word `Chesed` for this agreement.

Nice story. but because it is a bible story God uses it to show us something about ourselves. As christians we, like Solomon are destined to be kings (in God’s kingdom) and like Solomon God will give us a new name (Rev 2:17). Whatever people around us think of us- or call us we can know that we are completely loved by God.

And we have benefited, like Mephobeth did, from an agreement/covenant that Jesus made. We are included in, even if we are crippled. Those are some pretty cool thoughts to fill our minds with every morning.



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