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On Indian sports

June 21, 2012

Kabadi is an Indian sport. It is played on a pitch (usually sand) with two teams. The purpose of the game is to tag members of the opposing team without being tagged.

It is played at a furious pace, and I was soon struggling to keep up. I have to be honest and also admit that I don’t really understand the rules. It looks like as long as you cross the centre line all the people who have tagged you are out – otherwise you are out. I don’t want to be disrespectful to the referee but it didn’t look to me as if the rules were applied consistently. Still in the first tournament we played in the villages we only lost by 4 points, so that was not too humiliating!

Later we taught the village children rounders, I have to say the children picked it up much quicker than I have learned Kabadi. With a stick cut to length for a bat and a childs plastic ball we played until it was too dark to play any longer. After this we gathered in the church and played `whoosh` and danged the hokey kokey! One of the girls was celebrating her birthday, and after we had all sung her happy birthday she shared the box of sweets she had been given with everyone. I have never felt so humble as she shared what must have been very valuable to her with people who may have eaten a whole box of chocolates without thinking.

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