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Help – I’m a Pastor what do I do?

May 17, 2012

In a couple of weeks I am going to be appointed/recognised as a lead Elder of my church in Barnoldswick. After that I will serve on a part time basis (two days a week) rather than whenever I have time – as I do now.  As the days approach I an getting increasingly excited and nervous! Let me explain why…

Some years ago I faced a similar day, I was to be appointed as Pastor of a lovely church in rural Norfolk. I had been trained, I knew the church having been a member there for a year or so – but when i woke up on that first morning i had the strangest feeling.

Up till that point I had always known what I was expected to do. At school the teachers were there to tell me, at home my parents made clear what I should (and should not) do, at work someone was there to make sure I performed all I was paid to do. Even when I became self employed I knew what was needed – to find customers, sell product and deliver it to the customers satisfaction!

But now – there was no-one to tell me what to do, I think my job description said something like lead and pastor the church – so I wondered what should I actually spend my time on? People in the church couldn’t be more (or less) helpful, some wanted me to tell them what to do, many wanted me to visit them – a kind of religious social services, others wanted me to spend my time making sure that the church services went well, of course everyone expected me to preach – and so thus to prepare sermons/talks, and most wanted me to make sure that more people came to the church. I can’t remember anyone expecting me to pray, read or meditate (but I may be wrong). What I needed was some advice to cope with all these conflicting demands.

In time I learnt – at least some pointers – but as I face that moment once again I’m taking time to reflect back and will blog my thoughts over the next few days, you might like to join me. Of course if you have any insights I haven’t spotted, or you simply disagree please leave your comments.


  1. David taylor permalink
    May 17, 2012 11:09 am

    Hi David read your blog All I can say without going on is give everything to the lord and he will lead you in all things good and guide you through times of trouble for he will be with you in all things

  2. kerrydixon permalink
    May 17, 2012 9:37 pm

    Hi David, i find myself thinking what would Jesus do or at least what did he do? I guess there might be pointers there. I have been asked to speak at a conferance on the future of the church Any ideas now your a pastor?

    • May 19, 2012 7:15 pm

      I hope my latest blog helps. The future of the Church is a huge issue and could get distracting in term of what the world looks like now: a community where the prevailing culture is individualistic, an exclusive relationship with Jesus in a pick and mix world, a flexible structure in a world of institutions, etc. But still at it’s heart is a group of people who choose to follow Jesus together, as part of that journey are shared stories and trust, rituals, service to each other – and to the world, a shared focus on God (worship) and everything else that hangs on that.

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