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do you want to be my friend?

April 13, 2012

In the last of this mini series of blogs about how we need to live and think differently about life, the universe and everything – we come to relationships.

You may have already guessed that we were going there – if so great! Thing is that Easter is not about chocolate and bunnies – it is not even about the triumph over death. That is there, but it is the evidence that something far more radical has happened!

Christianity is not about what happens when we die. It is not even about getting rid of the guilt that we carry around with us! What it is about is that God – the universe maker – has made a relationship with us. Christian faith is about living out that relationship.

But because that relationship is so important it has to come first, it has to be above the things we fill our life with, it has to be more than social status or acceptance, it has to inspire our commitment to be and act differently.

And the biggest challenge of all is that it puts us into relationship with all those who also follow the way. Our relationship with God sets us apart to be different. It sets us free from being driven to better ourself  – to seeking peace (the Hebrew word `Shalom` means wholeness) for our neighbour. It gives us the assurance that the last word need not be hatred and violence, because after the cross comes the resurrection. So we can be a people of hope – a people who treat each and every stranger with dignity. It releases us from our fight for recognition and being valued – to helping and valuing those who are less valued or have less than you.

It was never going to be easy – but with the resurrection power of Jesus it is possible!

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