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We welcome the real Easter

April 8, 2012

Easter is simply not about Bunnies, or chocolate, or days by the seaside. Radical I know – but true!

Easter is a celebration that death can be overcome. Jesus had allowed himself to be executed – it looked like the end for his claims to be any more than a slightly whacky religious teacher and miracle worker /faith healer.

BUT Easter tells us that he is alive again. Like no religious teacher before or since he is not remembered by his tomb! His claims were proved to be true because his promises were kept.

So what is the message of Jesus?

That although we are trapped in a world that has gone wrong, death is not the end! There will be a new world where everything is put right.

The wrong in the world is there because we don’t follow God’s plan. Some people are hurt because other people choose to abuse them, some people are poor because other people choose to exploit them, some people are in need because other people choose to turn a blind eye and not help them, some people are lonely because other people choose not to be in community.

All of this is about our personal choices and all of us have made wrong choices. The Easter message says that those wrong choices can be dealt with, our wrongs were paid for by Jesus death. It also tells us that that is not the end but the beginning. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead can energise us to live right! – and by that I mean to live as God planned for us to live – completely fulfilled as human beings, and in a community where we are both loved and able to love others.

That will happen as people, one by one, choose to follow the way of Jesus. Today many thousands of people around the world will do so – (the Christian church is still the fasting growing organisation in the world). As we choose to live the way of Jesus that resurrection power brings hope into a dark world – it brings love to the unloved – it brings healing to the broken – it brings dignity to those who are oppressed. It reminds us that death is not the end but the beginning.

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