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Hollow Easter Treasures

April 7, 2012

Recently @joethedough posted a tweet about the branding at Aldi – they called their eggs “Hollow Easter Treasures”

Actually most of the real meaning of Easter has been robbed from us – we are left with the Easter bunnies and eggs, we may even give a passing nod to a Hot Cross bun and remember that it is something about Jesus. But we have lost the meaning – the soft centre, and we are left with no more that a couple of days off and a chocolate fest.

The fact that Jesus allowed himself to die is extraordinary. Unlike those who are brutally repressed today for religious or political beliefs – Jesus did have the power to call down angels to help him, or to simply walk through the crowd when they tried to kill him as he had done before. NO the amazing thing is that he allowed himself to be put to death, both because this was the only way to deal with the problem of wrongdoing and guilt, but also because by allowing everything to be thrown at him he showed that ultimate power is the power to love, to bring freedom, to recreate rather than destroy!

It clearly didn’t look anything like a display of power as he was whipped, and led out to the cross – but that was exactly what it was. Power to overcome by submitting to fury until it has exhausted itself. Power to stand on principles by refusing to go with the flow of the world and its political and religious systems. Later in the bible we are told that this journey was not the defeat of Jesus and his teaching, but was the point of victory when he “led captivity captive and brought freedom to those who were enslaved”

This Easter could be the point at which we we are set free, by accepting the gift that Jesus offers, a gift that will deal with sin and guilt. (Jesus took the punishment we deserved when he died), and by following him in his way to `life in it’s fullness`. That would be the opposite of a hollow Easter treasure!

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