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Country or Kingdom?

October 16, 2011

My last blog mentioned that our sense of purpose and destiny is all wrapped up with the purpose of God to establish his kingdom on earth. But what do I mean when I talk about the Kingdom of God. here are some pointers…

Jesus talked about the Kingdom as being “near you”. It is something that is both already here, and something we can expect in the future. It is kind of something from the future breaking into now, or perhaps more accurately something from heaven breaking into time and space.

So what does that mean? OK the second thing we need to `get` about the kingdom is that is is not a place (like a country), or a tribe (like English, Welsh, Scottish) it IS the rule of a king. So simply put it is when God takes charge in ordinary life.

Which is more profound than it sounds.

It is where Gods justice overcomes oppression, whether that is racial, tribal, economic or whatever.

It is where Gods generosity overcomes greed.

It is where Gods joy overcomes our disappointments.

It is where Gods freedom overcomes or enslavement (addiction, religion, failure).

It is where Gods wholeness overcomes sickness and disease.

It is where Gods presence overcomes our narrow material viewpoint.

It is Gods peace, wholeness, shalom – and the neatest thing ever – as we open ourselves up to God in our lives it is something that we can experience in our everyday life right now.

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